About Us

When we started Pietza Pizzeria, it was the time when MNC outlets ruled the roost. Good marketing ensured that commercially produced pizzas that did a decent job of satiating hunger became popular to the masses…but what about the authentic Italian taste and flavours that cannot be replicated inside a commercial oven? That’s when Pietza Pizzas stepped in and over the years has mastered the fine gastronomical art that is Wood- Fired Pizzas. With the distinct smoky nuances and flavours, pizzas from Pietza were just like those a family would eat in the courtyard lunch tables of Italy. From one outlet we grew exponentially to many outlets as our customers increasingly fell in love with our original authentic pizzas and began to dine in, order take away and get our menus catered at parties. Its a journey curated with love and crafted with a sincere love of serving Wood Fired Pizzas with the passion it deserves. And we hope to continue that and cater to a customer base across the state, country and abroad